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Canopy PMP 430

Canopy 430

Extend broadband services for high speed Internet access, voice over IP, video surveillance and SCADA with 200 Mbps of useable throughput per tower - at a cost much lower than wired alternatives. The Canopy wireless broadband access 430 series system enables services providers to extend DSL, fiber or cable networks to underserved rural areas. For industrial applications, network operators can rapidly connect an entire campus and remote office locations. Government Network Operators can establish cost-effective links for public safety, public service, and public access. Canopy wireless broadband access networks provide last mile network extensions that provide carrier grade connectivity. Proven in thousands of networks around the world, the Canopy system provides consistent and reliable performance that can be rapidly deployed to meet connectivity requirements.

Modules are available with total throughputs up to 200 Mbps from a single tower location using the 5 GHz spectrum.

Government funding has been used for Canopy systems deployed for rural connectivity initiatives. Canopy systems are eligible for US RUS last mile broadband access funding, and may also be used for Connect America Fund for fixed wireless broadband access.

Canopy 430 Features

Key Features

  • Low complexity for ease of installation and rapid deployment
  • Low maintenance infrastructure to minimize operational costs
  • Scalable from small to region wide connectivity deployments
  • Line of Sight (LOS) and Near Line of Sight (nLOS) performance
  • Consistent throughput
  • Low latency
  • Supports Video, Data, VoIP and SCADA applications