Public Safety Solution Catalog

© Opt-InWireless, Inc. 2019 MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MotorolaTrademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2019 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. NEW APX™ 8000 HAZLOC RADIO ENABLES SEAMLESS COMMUNICATIONS FOR ANY RESCUE OPERATION APX™ 8000H and APX 8000HXE When first responders are surrounded by explosive gases and flammable vapors, they need to know that it's safe to communicate. Motorola Solutions is introducing two new hazardous location (hazloc) versions of its popular APX 8000 all-band P25 radio, both certified to the Class 1 Div 1 standard by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The APX 8000H is built for law enforcement, military and federal agencies. The APX 8000HXE is de- signed for firefighters and disaster management teams. Respond with Confidence Certified to Div1 HazLoc standards, the APX 8000H and APX 8000HXE are safe to use in areas with concentrations of flammable gasses, vapors, liquids, or combustible dust. All Bands, No Boundaries The APX 8000H and APX 8000HXE transmit and receive on all commonly used frequen- cies, so your officers can communicate with different agencies using the same radio. Sound Matters Make sure you can hear - and be heard. The APX 8000H and APX 8000HXE adaptive audio engine gives you the loudest, clearest audio in any environment. 800-321-9407 1111 Cornell Parkway Oklahoma City, OK 73108